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So Much for Computer Generated Marketing: TRUE STORY

Posted by Bella Mitchell on

Our blog today is not about fashion and style which we are taking very seriously, and never mislead our customers with unworthy items.

Our blog today is about computers and AI (artificial intelligence) stepping everywhere with  implied expectations to "ease" human's life from tedious and boring jobs.


The other day I agreed with an offer to create a marketing campaign for our products. All went very well. Computer identified new products on-site!, created an unassuming ad!, offered to choose a budget! and... well... actually published it with 3 clicks within 10 min. 

Not so fast, my friends. Being very careful with delegating my conversations with my potential customers, I decided to check insights of the ad. And found out that the targeted audience was no more no less than males 24-35 of age. And this was the audience identified for offering  my beloved women fashion apparel and accessories!  At the request to change the intended audience to females of ages 25 through 65, the response was: we (computer program) targeting statistical fan population that so far popped-up at the newly opened Facebook Store. The good news, looks that offers, are positively received by young men (even if the reason is not). And, yes, it is a long way before computer steps in human created activities. 

Meaning, dear ladies, if to look attractive is one of your objectives along with others like:

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